Ergonomic Chairs 24 hours

Ideal for call centers and control rooms.

Sophisticated technology for intensive use.

Ergonomic chairs adjustable to different morphologies, durable and reliable, as they have been specially designed to withstand constant use by different people and for very long periods of time.  

Prioritize your health at work.

These ergonomic chairs are ideal for call centers, control rooms and any job that requires a person to concentrate constantly, 24 hours a day. These ergonomic chairs feature sophisticated technology and design to help achieve an active sitting position, thus improving concentration and performance.

super cashier chair

Designed to perform tasks that require high levels of concentration and precision for hours at a time.

Ergonomic chairs suitable for prolonged use. Perfect chairs for call centers, control room seating, chairs for working with multiple screens. Sophisticated ergonomic chairs that maximize your concentration and performance while seated.


And discover the COMPLETE offer of the best ergonomic chairs.


*Not all products shown are available online.

Need help choosing your perfect chair?

Let our ergonomics experts advise you and find the best solution for you.
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