Stools for semi standing work

Most of your time is spent at work, so make sure you take care of your well-being.

Relief for your back and legs when working on your feet


Working while standing for a long period of time entails a series of inconveniences for our health that can be avoided or alleviated with the appropriate work equipment.

The right solutions for this type of work.

Having an ergonomic stool will allow you to adopt a semi standing posture that relieves your musculoskeletal stress at specific times. The versatility of ergonomic stools makes them adaptable to the different heights you desire.

The best ergonomic stools for semi standing work.

If you have to perform semi-upright tasks, discover the best ergonomic seats on the market. Height-adjustable stools so that you can work as high as you wish until you are almost standing upright. Stools that relieve back and leg pain and discomfort. Stools that help you rest your body, improving your well-being and providing a sense of relief to your muscles.


And discover the COMPLETE offer of the best ergonomic chairs.


*Not all products shown are available online.

Need help choosing your perfect chair?

Let our ergonomics experts advise you and find the best solution for you.
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