Aeron chair by Herman Miller

Source of health benefits.

Herman Miller's Aeron chair is an iconic ergonomic office chair recognized around the world.


Its design dates back to 1994. The Aeron chair was a pioneer in material innovation and ergonomics, breaking with the standard use of foam and upholstery and quickly changing our perception of what an office chair was and making it a global icon that has persisted to this day.


Its designers created a timeless, comfortable and elegant chair with an appropriate backrest to avoid the most common injuries in office chair users: cervical and lumbar pain, bad posture, etc.


The design of the Aeron chair was a revolution in the field of ergonomics and office seating. The origin of its design stems from an idea as old as mankind itself: comfort. Its designers, Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, succeeded in creating a design unlike anything known before. The result was a health-promoting office chair with versatile performance and an inclusive size for all types of people and anatomies. The Aeron design was pioneering in terms of ergonomic and material innovation. We can say that the Aeron chair succeeded in changing people's perception of what an office chair could be, and in doing so also found a place in popular culture.

A historic chair that has been renovated.

The result of the upgrade is a chair that is fully adapted to the needs of today's workplace, offering the highest quality materials and the latest advances in manufacturing, technology and ergonomics. The Aeron chair incorporates more intelligent features than ever before, better supporting current ergonomics and design theories and responding to the needs of today's world of work, today's workers and today's contemporary workplaces.

Aeron, a chair that adapts to the user.

People who sit in an Aeron find that the chair accommodates a wide range of movements and postures while they work, from an intense forward-focused position to a relaxed contemplative recline in the back. The Aeron chair is able to support the different postures the user adopts throughout the day. This makes the Aeron chair suitable for a wide range of work environments as it offers the perfect ergonomic support for every situation.


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