Cosm chair by Herman Miller

It automatically adapts to your body.

Cosm is Herman Miller's ergonomic desk chair that needs no adjustments.


You will feel the sensation of lightness and weightlessness when you sit on it thanks to its three unique functions:

- The automatic harmonic tilt, with which you do not need to adjust the position of the chair. - The "Intercept" suspension, a perfect breathable support that guarantees a neutral temperature. - The flexible and strong frame, feels almost non-existent, so it allows you to comfortably move the upper body providing great comfort.

Its designers created a minimalist, comfortable chair with no need for adjustment. Specially designed for people with poor postural hygiene, who multitask very different tasks for very long periods of time.

The best combination: beauty and functionality No matter in which working environment Cosm is used, this chair offers immediate comfort in any situation and for any person. Its broad functionality as well as its customized comfort without any manual adjustment guarantees maximum comfort at work as well as relaxation at rest. It is therefore an intelligent chair with the ability to adapt. Cosm was designed to offer immediate comfort for all the different situations that occur during the working day. With Cosm, you will simply forget that you are sitting.
Los diseñadores sabían que la silla ideal tendría que proporcionar una suave sensación de equilibrio natural. “Tenemos que ofrecer una silla que le permita cambiar de postura lo más fácilmente posible”, «Esto solo se consigue con una silla que esté ajustada correctamente por cada usuario, por lo que tenemos que construir una silla que haga esa parte por el». LA silla Cosm recibió un iF Gold Award en la categoría Oficina e Industria en los iF World Design Awards 2020. Fue catalogada por TIME como una de las 100 mejores invenciones de 2019, una selección de productos seleccionados para hacer que el mundo sea mejor, más inteligente y más divertido. Cosm recibe en 2019 el premio Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design Award en la categoría “Sillas de oficina”.


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