Mirra 2 chair by Herman Miller

Designed to facilitate the movement of its users.

Mirra 2 is Herman Miller's most adjustable and adjustable ergonomic office chair.


Mirra 2 is an office chair for users who are constantly on the move. Herman Miller knows that people are more mobile than ever in office environments. That's why we increasingly need tools that are as agile as the tasks we perform at work.

An ergonomic office chair for the most demanding. Perfect for those who develop a type of activity that demands maximum concentration, dedication and detail.

Lightweight, easy to use and very intuitive.

Mirra 2, as its name suggests, tries to be a mirror of your body, reflecting at all times the movements and postures of the person sitting on it. The user must forget about all the technical specifications and simply experience the comfort and well-being of sitting in it. It is a chair that allows the natural movement of the user reaching a unique point of balance.

Improves the way of sitting by reflecting body movements.

Ten years after the introduction of the Mirra chair, during which time more than 1.5 million chairs were sold, the designers at Studio 7.5 felt it was time to evaluate and, if necessary, rethink their original design. They observed that the way people work was evolving. People move, and the more they are on the move, the more they need support that moves with them.

Mirra 2 is designed to respond to the fast-paced way people work today. It offers immediate comfort and customized ergonomics.


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