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Why is ergonomics important in the workplace?

We spend many hours sitting in a chair at a desk throughout our working lives. However, not all chairs and desks are designed with the health of their employees in mind. When office furniture is not properly adapted to the body, this can cause back pain, neck pain, arm pain, among other problems that negatively affect the productivity and well-being of workers.

Thanks to the study of ergonomics in the workplace that we do at Ergonomika that we do at Ergonomika, we can identify how the environment and the objects that surround us interact with our body and affect our health and well-being.

We offer furniture solutions for companies such as ergonomic chairs and tables that will provide a healthy and comfortable working environment for your employees.

3 Benefits of buying ergonomic office furniture

Increased productivity

When employees are comfortable and pain-free in the workplace, they concentrate better and are more productive. Ergonomic office furniture helps reduce fatigue and pain, which in turn increases productivity and work performance.


Reduces the risk of injury and sick leave

Poor posture and prolonged use of inadequate equipment is directly related to the risk of short-term injuries and sick leave. By purchasing ergonomic chairs and tables for your employees, you can help maintain good posture and reduce fatigue and reduce fatigue and tiredness in your team..

Working hard. Beautiful young woman rising from a chair and touching back while having backache.

Improved employee well-being

Investing in ergonomic office furniture also improves employee well-being. By providing a healthy and comfortable work environment, employees feel valued and cared for, which can improve job satisfaction and reduce turnover.


Types of ergonomic furniture and equipment for your company

In our catalog for companies you will find a wide range of models of ergonomic chairs and tables at different prices according to the needs of your business, SMEs or large companies. 

Innovative designs from the best local and leading local and international brands in the world of ergonomics, with personalized with customized finishes and multiple configurations designed exclusively for you.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Tables

Ergonomic Accessories

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Ergonomic Furniture for the Industrial Sector

Improve the productivity and well-being of your workers with our ergonomic furniture for the industrial sector. The needs of companies in the industrial sector are different from those of an office, and at Ergonomika we are aware of this. and at Ergonomika we are aware of that.

Factories, technology parks, research campuses or laboratories need to adapt their spaces to the needs of their business and the work pace of their employees. That's why we offer specific solutions for the manufacturing industry. Discover our wide range of chairs for standing and seated work, stools for laboratories, lifting tables and other accessories designed exclusively to meet the demands of industrial companies.

Enterprise solutions for teleworkers

At Ergonomika we have adapted to the new ways of working in companies and we offer solutions for remote or hybrid workers, including everything necessary for equip your home office with the same ergonomic elements that you would have in your on-site office. ergonomic elements that you would have in the office.

The telework and hybrid work models have become a reality for many people and companies. Having an adequate space in our homes to work is essential to perform, concentrate and feel as comfortable as in the office. That's why we offer a wide variety of customized business solutions to suit the specific needs of each company and worker. From small businesses to large corporations, our wide range of business solutions for teleworkers business solutions for teleworkers fits every size and type of business, as well as every type of home, apartment, apartment share.

We are experts in adapting the spaces in our home to dedicate them exclusively to develop the activities that we used to do in the office, always ensuring ergonomics at work. ergonomics at work.. Our team takes care of everything: installation, maintenance, co-payment plans, home office packs and much more.

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