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Masaje de percusión: Para qué sirve y principales ventajas

Desde hace siglos, el masaje terapéutico ha sido una de las técnicas naturales más eficaces para aliviar dolores y recuperarse de lesiones. En esta línea, la terapia de percusión se destaca como una de las prácticas más utilizadas debido a su capacidad para liberar tensiones y estimular la circulación sanguínea en músculos y articulaciones.  

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Maximiza tu bienestar: la importancia del descanso nocturno

En medio de una vida ajetreada y de la costumbre de vivir con el ritmo acelerado, es fácil pasar por alto uno de los pilares fundamentales de nuestra salud y bienestar: el descanso nocturno. Mientras nos esforzamos por cumplir con nuestras responsabilidades diarias, a veces relegamos el sueño a un segundo plano. Sin embargo, subestimar

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Guide to understand the difference between ergonomics and anthropometry and how they complement each other.

Main differences between Ergonomics and Anthropometry

¿Qué es la ergonomía? La ergonomía es el estudio científico de la relación entre los seres humanos y su entorno de trabajo. Se centra en diseñar y adaptar los elementos del entorno laboral para que se ajusten a las capacidades y limitaciones físicas y mentales de las personas. Su objetivo es mejorar la eficiencia, seguridad,

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Everything you need to know about sick building syndrome

Do you know what sick building syndrome is?

If you and your co-workers often suffer from eye irritation, headaches, allergic reactions or breathing difficulties, it could be a case of sick building syndrome. Do you know the term? Today we are going to find out what it is and how to combat it. What is sick building syndrome? The syndrome

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The importance of postural hygiene at work to avoid long-term injuries.

What is postural hygiene at work?

Postural hygiene at work is a concept that refers to the good and bad habits carried out in the place where the work activity is performed. But it is not only an issue to be taken into account in office work. It is also important for those who drive a transport, lift weights, or

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Practice these stretches in the office to correct your posture.

5 office stretches to correct your posture

Maintaining correct posture is essential to improve work performance and reduce the risk of work-related injuries and ailments. Stretching in the office will help you feel more at ease during your workday. Today we talk about some very simple exercises that you should incorporate into your daily routine in the office.

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Learn about the 5 main ergonomic risk factors

5 Ergonomic Risks at Work that you should know about

Ergonomic risks are present in all workplaces. For this reason, it is of vital importance to be able to identify them and keep them in mind in order to implement the necessary preventive actions to avoid the development of musculoskeletal disorders and other health problems for workers. Five main ergonomic risks can be distinguished in the workplace, namely

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Learn all about the WELL certificate for workspace wellness

What is the Well certificate for offices and how is it obtained?

Companies are increasingly involved in the health and well-being of their workers, especially those that have offices as workspaces. This is because offices are enclosed spaces that require ergonomic and healthy strategies, activities and solutions to create a comfortable environment. Physical and mental well-being

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Learn about geometric ergonomics and the different types of ergonomics.

What is geometric ergonomics and how can it improve health?

Ergonomics is a preventive specialty that is nowadays considered essential for its application in the workplace. There are different branches of study, including geometric ergonomics, which is of great importance in the prevention of occupational hazards. In Ergonomika we make use of studies in this branch for the design, creation and implementation of

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office chair for back pain

Which office chair is best for back pain?

Telework and back pain are two terms that, unfortunately, often go hand in hand. Having back pain is something that affects more than 80% of the population. And, if left untreated, it can become chronic. That is why it is essential to have an ergonomic chair that adapts to your back.

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