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Resolutions to start the year off right

2021 has been a year filled with a wide variety of events. But, for most of us, there has been one main theme that has remained almost always at the center: health. January is a month of resolutions, facing the year with great enthusiasm and proposing actions that will lead us to achieve personal and professional goals.

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What is the price of an ergonomic chair?

When we Google "ergonomic chairs", we are immediately confronted with ads for cheap ergonomic chairs, bargains, bargains and words of this type from the market giants we all know. Beyond doubting the quality of these "bargain products" or resorting to sayings such as "cheap is expensive", we encourage you to think about

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The habit of crossing the legs

Crossing the legs when sitting is a very common habit, especially among women. Most people do it almost as a reflex action without even being aware of the amount of time they spend sitting with their legs crossed. The habitual act of crossing the legs, sometimes even twisting and squeezing one leg, is a very common habit, especially among women.

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