Our experience in ergonomics, now in Barcelona

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Ergonomika is a new “concept store” designed to solve all problems of sitting. We are "specialists in ergonomics of sitting."

Ergonomika and slogans: Sit right, feel better; Sit right, feel better and Siéntate bien , siéntete mejor; are trademarks registered by Kadira Mobiliari I Projectes SL

Kadira has its origins in Manresa in 1983. It is currently a limited company based in Sant Fruitós de Bages, where there is a large store dedicated to furniture in general.

It was in the late 90s that we began to specialize in ergonomics for sitting. We have attended various courses on ergonomics, such as the one for obtaining the title of ‘senior technical officer in ergonomics and psychosociology’. We are permanently updating our knowledge on ergonomics through specialist publications.

We have also developed our own course on ergonomics for helping our costumers to sit comfortably. The School of Physiotherapy at FUB Manresa, that teaches a grade of recognized prestige in Spain, advises our course.

Our project ergonogastronòmic, counts with the collaboration of Joviat Hotel School, where relevant chefs have studied (Jordi Cruz for example), and Celler de Can Roca (best restaurant in the world 2013), from this project resultedour "exclusive" range of chairs K3 (models adapted to the office room) that sublimates the cuisine liturgy of every meal.

With all this, we managed to present all solutions for sitting in a single place that counts with the best chairs and armchairs’ brands that can be found in the international market.

Also, we have always taken into account people’s anatomical diversity regarding gender, age or other specificities of anatomy, trying to satisfy the needs of those bodies that do not fit standard measures with which seats of all types are manufactured.

However, we continue to follow our own core values:

The effort to build trust with all the people involved in each transaction generated by our business and, at the same time, achieve customers satisfaction.

Ergono Dinamic Ergonomika Ergonoficina

This company is formed by people who are at once its managers:

Cristina de Zárate Martín
Arquitecta from, La Orotava (Tenerife).
Directs the technical department and projects.

Joan S. Rodó i Rodà
T.E.A.T., Manresa (Bages).
Directs the area of ergonomic furniture, office facility, contract and administration.

The other people who are Ergonomika’s team are:

Eduard Guerra: Responsible workshop, logistics and assembly.
Miriam Alhancin: Responsible for the accounting.
Cris Blanes: Business Management.
Magda Granero: Sales store.

and other partners that complement and commercial equipment assembly.